Global scope, Regional focus

Recochem has been successfully involved in developing, packaging and distributing coolant and related automotive functional fluid products for over 30 years. As a globally focused coolant manufacturer, we are committed to servicing our OEM and aftermarket customers throughout all regions of the world. We are uniquely positioned and able to react to industry demands, ensuring technologically advanced products are available for all coolant markets.

To affect this aim, Recochem develops its own technologies and holds unique intellectual property related to coolants used throughout the world. We achieve this in our highly specialized laboratory facility dedicated to the development of novel coolant technology formulas. This world class center for our technology innovation is located in Alberta, Canada and is staffed with experts in this field of knowledge and includes members of ASTM International’s Technical Committee D15 on Engine Coolants, with over 25 years representation on this committee. As all major global engine and coolant manufacturers are members of ASTM D15, Recochem’s membership and participation in this committee ensures we remain informed on the ever evolving challenges facing today’s engine coolants.

In addition to this dedicated development facility, all Recochem manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified and have dedicated Quality Assurance departments with laboratory capabilities to perform all the standard ASTM engine coolant test procedures to ensure product is fully with specification prior to product release. A further segment of our production facilities is certified to TS16949 (formerly QS9000), a global automotive quality standard developed by the leading automotive companies. Under TS16949, Recochem uses its expertise and experience to improve its products, processes and service to its customers using best practice techniques on a continual basis.