Automotive Parts Cleaners

HD Automotive Parts Cleaner
Parts Cleaner is an ultra low odour, non-aromatic grade of petroleum distillates that quickly removes dirt, oily residue and grease on engine parts and chassis. Its powerful cleaning action helps dissolve and remove grease and grime on large or finely machined metal parts and porcelain surfaces, without the use of special tools, for a shiny engine finish.
APPLICATION: Use only on COOL surfaces. Avoid prolonged exposure on rubber and polymer surfaces. Product can be used in Parts Washer equipment able to handle combustible fluids.


HD Multi-Purpose Degreaser
Multi-Purpose Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner that dissolves grease on contact. It cleans and degreases dirt accumulated on engines, tools and heavy equipment and machinery. This water-based alkaline detergent formula is non-abrasive, non-flammable, biodegradable and phosphate free; and yet promotes powerful “industrial strength” degreasing and cleaning results.
APPLICATION: Use undiluted on a COLD, DRY engine and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Note: Avoid painted surfaces as well as aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces such as wheel rims.