Hybrid Coolant

  • Inhibitors based on a combination of inorganic salts (as found in traditional coolant) and some fully neutralized organic acids (as found in OAT coolant)
  • Typically yellow or red in color
  • Designed for use in both automotive, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications
  • Formulations are available: with or without nitrite/ with or without borate / with or without phosphate/ with or without silicate
  • Product can have good coolant to coolant compatibility
  • Excellent wet sleeve liner cavitation protection
  • Good high temperature aluminum performance
  • Generally compatible with SCA’S and Coolant Extenders
  • Extended life in both light and heavy duty applications; mixed fleet application
  • Lifespan: Automotive - Up to 5 years or 250,000 km (150,000 miles); Heavy Duty - Up to 6 years or 960,000 km (600,000 miles)
As the name suggests, this coolant technology takes the “best of both worlds” approach and combines the benefits offered by traditional corrosion inhibitor technology and marries this with the benefits of OAT corrosion inhibitor technology. This hybrid technology is also referred to as HOAT technology. Its presence is definitely growing in the North American engine coolant market at both OEM factory fill and the general engine coolant aftermarket.
This technology can have excellent coolant to coolant compatibility making it suitable for  top-up use with Traditional or full OAT coolants.
Complete product line of Hybrid formulas